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A Professional Organizing Service


If your kitchen counter is used for storage, not food prep; the kid's room looks like a cyclone just hit it;  You're not sure if the closet floor is wood or carpeted because you haven't seen it in months; the basement looks like you have celebrated every holiday in one day; your home filing system is really just a stack of papers looking you straight in the eye and the thought of getting organized leaves you feeling helpless and overwhelmed, then you need Simplify Your Life

Help is just a phone call away!

It's time to let me Simplify Your Life so you can get back to living it!


I am here to help not judge!

More time is wasted every day because of clutter, disorganization and chaos which causes stress and anxiety.  I am here to help you get organized and stay organized using simple techniques so you can regain time with family and friends and start to enjoy the REST.


Because I get it! I was you at one point and know exactly how you feel.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and  a Certified Life Coach and know that stress is the main cause of sickness.  

  • It became my life's mission to remain affordable so clients can utilize my service.
  • It became my life’s mission to work for my client’s best interest.  To understand your lifestyle, needs, wants, what works and what doesn’t for you, your family and your lifestyle.
  • It became my life’s mission to reduce the clutter, disorganization, stress and chaos in your life and set up systems that work for you and your family on an on-going basis.

I have spent years creating and testing  techniques that make getting and staying organized simple.  Now I want to share my knowledge with you so you can enjoy the same relief from stress and chaos that I have found!  Let me Simplify Your Life!

GET STARTED-Simplify Your Life TODAY!

I look forward to working with you!

Send me an Email: 


In-Home Consultation- $25.00 (applied towards your 1st hour of your organizing project, Non-refundable)

  •  We'll talk about the projects at hand
  •  Determine job requirements
  •  Estimate amount of hours needed
  •  Schedule times for working

Moving = Stress


Moving is one of life's major stresses.  And, can be a great time to organize, purge and get rid of stuff you don't want or need which means less to move.  


Give yourself the gift of sanity.  I can help you with the huge task of packing and unpacking and organizing your new space.


Contact me today and we can begin your stress free move.

Menu of Services

Home & Office

  • Kitchens & Pantries 
  • Closets & Drawers 
  • Children's Rooms & Play Rooms
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room 
  • Bedrooms
  • Basement
  • Storage Areas
  • Space Organizing
  • Cluttter Management
  • Activity/Craft Room
  • Home Offices
  • Filing Systems and Paper Management

Moving Services

  • De-clutter and Prepare for Packing
  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Downsizing
  • Blending of Households
  • Filing Systems and Paper Management

Life's Transitions

Life itself can be messy.  If you need help getting your space re-organized, de-cluttered, packed or unpacked after a divorce, empty nest, or loss of a loved one, please contact me today.


Find out how I can help you stay organized on a continuing basis.

INCLUDED EXTRAS (no extra charge)

  • Planning of your space (2-3 hours)
  • Driving to and from your residence or office
  • No charge for fuel expenses
  • No charge for commute time

Methods of Payment Accepted:

 Cash | Credit Card | Check

GIVE THE THE GIFT OF ORGANIZATION...Gift certificates available.

About Me

My background

Am I going to tell you that as a child I  kept my room spotless and I organized my crayons by color NOPE!  I have discovered over the years that I love to organize and have a niche' for it.  And that I understand the importance of having organization in your home for both your physical and mental well-being.

As far as my professional life goes, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and have spent 15 yrs working in post-secondary education.  Both running a Financial Aid Department and being an Audit Manager.  I was meticulous about my files keeping them in perfect order passing financial audits flawlessly which lead me to auditing other people's work. I kept organized digital systems to keep track of hundreds of current and in-coming students and all of their funding. There was a lot to keep track of and I set up the systems to maintain sanity in my everyday work life.

I am detail-oriented and like things to make sense.  Personally was a different story!  I live in a 900+ sq ft house with my husband (who moved into my house with all of his life's belongings) and then we had a baby (and all the stuff that comes with baby).  All of that change happening within months of each other.  My 900+ sq foot house blew up in my face. With the chaos of life and all this "stuff" surrounding me I felt like I would eventually lose my mind.  We couldn't afford a bigger house so I had to figure it out.  So, I started to organize, and de-clutter, organize and de-clutter and organize and de-clutter.


I realized that I LOVED it!  I loved seeing the before and after and the feeling of accomplishment that came with it.   I say it's like a "cleansing" because of instant the calm and peace I felt with having everything in it's place.  I realized that I couldn't always control what was going on in my life but I could control my surroundings. 

With a little imagination, some creativity and a lot of organizing I could bring calm into my life. That's when I realized I could use my skills from work and my LOVE for organizing and simplifying to help others!

How I got started

As I started the organizing and simplifying transformation on my own house my friends and family could not believe their eyes.  I utilized every square foot of my 900+ square foot house transforming the walls to my basement into a functional pantry, using the inside of closets as storage for tin foil and baggies, installing a closet system and the list goes on and on. I was being told by everyone that saw my house that I have a niche' for organizing and I should do it for others.  So, that's when I started to help others organize their spaces and eventually started Simplify Your Life.

My style

Easy!  I will have your space make sense for you!  I will find out what works for you, your life, your style because this is about YOU!

There is nothing I love more than is to be the person that helps turn your home or work space into a relaxing, functional space.  And, I will do it without any judegement on the condition of your unorganized/messy areas.  I get it so let's fix it!

My Code of Ethics:

  1. I will respect my clients, their spaces and will remain non-judgemental.
  2. I will keep client information confidential always.
  3. I will only provide services in areas I am competent and knowledgeable.
  4. All fees for services will be honestly represenented.
  5. For any change in fee structure, a 60-day notice will be provided to existing clients and only effective towards new projects not within original agreement. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Professional Organizer?

A Professional Organizer is someone that helps you to overcome clutter and disorganization to make your life less stressful and your time more efficient.

Why hire a Professional Home Organizer?

A Professional Home Organizer not only helps you organize your mess, but they also create easy-to-follow systems to help keep it that way. They are there to help you through the entire process or to get down and dirty and  do everything themselves. They are there to sort, clean, file, de-clutter and de-stress to help make your home a better place to live.

What are the benefits of getting organized?  

EVERYTHING! Your sanity, time, happiness, stress level, blood pressure just to name a few benefits. Your environment plays a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. When you are organized it just makes life better.

Which areas do you service?

I will tackle almost all areas of your home. Which include if you are moving I will help you pack and unpack, paper piles, helping you get organized virtually. Please see my "services" for a full listing and prices.

 Will you work with me or do you do it yourself?

It's entirely up to you? If you want to work with me and we tackle it together or if you want me to tackle the project myself without you home. I may have you do some "homework" but either can be done.

How do I get started?

Simply go to my Contact Me and fill out your information. I will call you to set up a time for a home consultation.

What takes place at the initial meeting?

I come and evaluate the (space)s and formulate a plan of action. We will discuss the problems you have with the space(s), what is and what is not currently working for you.

Will my session be confidential?

Always! All conversations, meetings and questions are between you and I.

What are your rates?

I will give you an estimate during your in-Home consultation.

What if I only have a small project?

That's fine! I have a minimum of 2.5 hours for each project.

What payments are excepted?

Cash, credit or check

Client Testimonials

Read how Simplify Your Life has changed lives...

"I used Simply Your Life RI to help me organize and declutter my home.  I am incredibly happy with the attention to detail that Corrie took when working with me.  I could not have tackled my mess alone! I highly recommend using Simply Your Life for all your organizing needs!"                                                                                                                           Gina - Cranston, RI

“WOW! I can't believe the difference in my closet!  I can see everything and find everything!  Thank you!!!”  Jill-Warwick, RI


“I am so happy with my decision to hire a home organizer.  Thank you Corrie, you truely have put sanity back into my hectic life.“  Lisa-Attleboro, MA

“My basement was a disaster!  Corrie came in and put her vision to work.  Now my basement is orderly and functional!  I am so happy with the results.”             Marge-North Providence, RI

“Corrie was great to work with.  I was embarrassed of the mess of stuff I accumulated over the last several years.  She made me feel comfortable and in a matter of hours, helped me get rid of a lot and find a permanent place for my most important things.  I know I’ll use her services again in the future.  Thanks so much!”  Ashley-Smithithfield, RI

“Corrie is wonderful to work with!  Not only did I feel comfortable having her in my home but I felt that my needs were really understood.  Corrie worked on 5 Rooms in my home building systems for us that fit my family.  I’m happy to say it’s been over a month since we first started working with her and the organization systems are still in use (that’s no small feat for a family of 6 plus a dog!). Thank you so much.  I’m already planning our next project.”  Amanda R.-Cranston,  RI

Corrie what a godsend!  Corrie has come to my home when it was in the worst shape ever.  She looked beyond my clutter and said "we can do this."  So incredibly easy to talk with and tell her what I needed.  Corrie totally got me!  I feel so much better, everything has a home, closet/make-up, clothes in drawers.  Unbelievable! I can't wait for the kitchen cabinets!  Lynne E.-Oxford, MA

I am so happy I chose to get in touch with Corrie.  I had my dining table full of papers and when I say full, I mean full since January 2018.  Due to a concussion, I couldn't concentrate and didn't know where to start/finish.  Corrie came in and took over the situation.  She's phenomenal!!  She helped me during my weakest.  Because of her, I am now eating as a family once again.  Thank you so much for making my life simpler and to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Brenda S.-Acushnet, MA

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