More about me...

Additional Information

I am detail-oriented and like things to make sense.  Personally was a different story!  I live in a 900+ sq ft house with my husband (who moved into my house with all of his life's belongings) and then we had a baby (and all the stuff that comes with baby).  All of that change happening within months of each other.  My 900+ sq foot house blew up in my face. With the chaos of life and all this "stuff" surrounding me I felt like I would eventually lose my mind.  We couldn't afford a bigger house so I had to figure it out.  So, I started to organize, and de-clutter, organize and de-clutter and organize and de-clutter.

I realized that I LOVED it!  I loved seeing the before and after and the feeling of accomplishment that came with it.   I say it's like a "cleansing" because of instant the calm and peace I felt with having everything in it's place.  I realized that I couldn't always control what was going on in my life but I could control my surroundings. 

With a little imagination, some creativity and a lot of organizing I could bring calm into my life. That's when I realized I could use my skills from work and my LOVE for organizing and simplifying to help others!


How I got started....

As I started the organizing and simplifying transformation on my own house my friends and family could not believe their eyes.  I utilized every square foot of my 900+ square foot house transforming the walls to my basement into a functional pantry, using the inside of closets as storage for tin foil and baggies, installing a closet system and the list goes on and on. I was being told by everyone that saw my house that I have a niche' for organizing and I should do it for others.  So, that's when I started to help others organize their spaces and eventually started Simplify Your Life.


My Style...

Easy!  I will have your space make sense for you!  I will find out what works for you, your life, your style because this is about YOU!
There is nothing I love more than is to be the person that helps turn your home or work space into a relaxing, functional space.  And, I will do it without any judgement on the condition of your unorganized/messy areas.  I get it so let's fix it!


My Promise...

My Promise to You + Code of Ethics: 

  1. I will respect my clients, their spaces and will remain non-judgmental.
  2. I will keep client information confidential always.
  3. I will only provide services in areas I am competent and knowledgeable.
  4. All fees for services will be honestly represented.
  5. For any change in fee structure, a 60-day notice will be provided to existing clients and only effective towards new projects not within original agreement.